Alex & Bryce

New concept ( well, for me); Start thinking of the weather as a subject to be interacted with instead of being avoided.

The day I met up with Alex and Bryce downtown, it had rained pretty heavily the day before and the wind was gusty and cold. Not "ideal" shooting weather. But the cold wind just made them cuddle up even more...and the rain puddles? We are SO jumping in those!

So if you come shoot with me, wear something you don't mind rolling around on the ground in and/or possibly getting wet.

I already have some ideas for when it's really sunny out...also those hot summer evenings.

My mantra for the remaining part of the year is to use every "set back" and make it a "set UP". Let's make some lemonade!

I really dig the noir cinematic mood of this set... all the emotion sets me on fire!

These two have great chemistry that just comes right across in photos; I had fun being their third wheel for an hour.

Alex and Bryce love to give each other shit and play around but can also lay the kisses and cuddles on thick. Realness.

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